4 Unique Engagement Ring Designs

Published: 19th September 2011
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There are thousands of different engagement ring designs that vary in cut and design, with classic and modern pieces being the most popular. Even with so many available choices, there are people who would like to find something truly different and unique to represent the love they have for their significant other.
If you're looking for something truly uncommon and special from all of the engagement ring designs, consider some of the beautiful options that will make your ring stand out from the rest.


One of the most unique ring band styles available today, the Mokume gane style is one that combines luxury and class all in one. This process involves mixing precious metals together in a finish that shows off a unique and beautiful pattern that swirls throughout the ring band almost like marble. This technique was common in ancient Japan among the upper class and offers an absolutely stunning finish to any engagement ring design.

Combine the Mokume gane base with any matching stone or symbolic engraving to offer your one and only a ring that's truly one of a kind.


Tribal themed engagement ring designs combine ancient symbols of native tribes from all around the globe with the artistic beauty of specially designed rings for a loving couple. There is a wide variety of tribes that have different symbols and design styles to choose from. Each symbol has great meaning to all native tribes and the importance lies with the way the symbol is shown.

If you would like to include native roots with a symbol of love and companionship, tribal designs are the best choice. Depending on the style and design, they are ideal for engagement rings that suit both men and women, while also providing flexible patterns that are perfect for incorporating precious stones for a more luxurious look.


A fun and unique style for engagement rings is a puzzle or interlocking design. These rings can either have an interlocking design with different mixed precious metals or have a combination of two rings that fit perfectly together. The symbolism alone is the most romantic part of the rings but also the ability to customize shapes, stones and styles for something made only for one loving couple.

There are two choices when it comes to interlocking engagement rings: two interlocking rings for one person or two separate rings for the couple that can join together to form one.

Having two interlocking rings for one person can symbolize the couple joined or to simply join the engagement and wedding bands together to form one. The other style is to have individual rings that have an interlocking design to show the couple fits perfectly together.


Choosing a special engagement ring can be difficult when considering the many subtle and not so subtle symbols that can be incorporated into the design and style of the ring. It's possible to create a custom ring shaped into a desired symbol or to have symbols etched into the band itself.

One of the more popular choices is the infinity symbol that can have stones placed in the loops along the band for a beautiful unique look. Other designs can include family crests, special symbols that only the couple shares or a concept to represent the relationship between two loving people.

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