Carbon Steel Buildings and the Importance of Sustainability

Published: 13th June 2011
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Sustainability is a word that is nowadays becoming more and more the norm. Sustainability can refer to anything and everything that has the ability to make an imprint on the planet and is now of such importance due to the fact that there hasn't always been an emphasis placed on the health of our planet. Accordingly, we can see the negative affect that the accumulation of unsustainable products (trash) is currently doing to the planet making the ability to make something sustainable not only a really great idea, it is also becoming the norm for most business practices.

Carbon Steel

Carbon steel buildings are buildings that are made with steel with a small amount of carbon added in order to create that extra strength sometimes needed when constructing a particular type of building.

Sustainability Features of Carbon Steel

Steel is a very sustainable material and offers a variety of benefits when used to construct buildings, such as adaptability, ease of use, long lasting, and offsite manufacturing. Carbon steel can also be re-used and/or recycled, if necessary.

Buildings. Carbon steel is strong and durable and provides the maximum strength of any building material when comparing the strength to weight ratio.

Rooftops. Carbon steel rooftops allow the sun to reflect off the rooftop by simply adding a specialized coating, which has the potential to save the building owner nearly half off the amount it costs for heating and cooling.

Recyclability. All types of steel are recyclable and are done so for a variety of reasons. The main reason why steel is recycled is to make new steel to construct new carbon steel buildings.

Multi-cycling. Carbon steel can be recycled as many times as needed without it losing its ability to perform to its utmost potential.

Waste. Less than 1% of steel ever finds its way to landfills and this is most likely done unintentionally. All steel has value to it making it so that there would never be a need for waste.

Case Study #1: Prologis Park, Heathrow

A 5,500 square meter warehouse that was specifically designed so that the whole building can be taken apart and reused, if need be. This consists of 80% of the frame structure, 95% of the floor beams and 100% of the steel used that can be reused. The structure was designed so that it is as easy to construct as it would be to deconstruct, is two stories high and has a canopy-style roof that helps to reduce sun exposure in the front part of the warehouse.

Case Study #2: Vulcan House, Sheffield

The Vulcan House is one of the first green structures ever and is the recipient of the Building Research Establishment's Environmental Assessment Method Excellent Status (May, 2006). Carbon steel frames were constructed and used so that they can be easily reused, if necessary. Double glazing was used to minimize heat transfer and all the glass protects people from solar rays yet lets light in while averting the heat associated with the light.


It is important that everyone on the planet do their part in creating a sustainable world. Carbon steel buildings are constructed so that they are truly sustainable and can thus be recycled in order to create a brand new building with nothing going to waste, which is really quite impressive. This is the main reason why carbon steel buildings are currently the most popular choice of material used in the construction of a building.

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