Making Custom Doors Uniquely Yours

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Published: 20th November 2016
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What's your type? It may sound like a bad pick-up line (are there any GOOD pick-up lines?), but it's also an excellent question to ask as you begin the search for new custom doors. Apart from their normal duties of ensuring your privacy and shielding you from the elements, custom doors are a great way to express who you are and what you value. In short, they can serve as a reflection of your personality.

Which begs the question: What is your personality? We hear a lot about the aggressive Type A and the laid back Type B, but many psychologists contend that there are actually 16 distinct personality types, and matchmaking services often use them to help their clients. So if personality can help you find the perfect date, why can't it play a part in selecting the perfect custom doors?

The Mechanic
Described as detached and analytical, they can easily unearth solutions to practical problems. And if the problem is a room with limited space, pocket custom doors are the answer, representing the perfect solution for small-space rooms. Since they slide rather than open into a room, they require no clearance to open and close. By simply inserting glass panels in single pocket custom doors, you can share light between adjacent rooms while creating separation to maintain organization and cleanliness. It's a Mechanic's dream.

The Duty Fulfiller
This type is serious and quiet, interested in security and peaceful living. For them, double pocket custom doors may be the right fit. Blending beauty and function, they offer immediate privacy when pulled closed and a clear path when slid into the walls.

The Nurturer
Quiet, kind and conscientious, the Nurturer values tradition and possesses a keen sense of space and function. So they're liable to appreciate arch-top French custom doors. With their simple trim and graceful curves, they serve as an elegant gateway to any room while showing an appreciation for all things vintage.

The Artist
As you might have guessed, the Artist is original and creative with a genuine appreciation for beauty. If this describes you, then unleash your inner Rembrandt to create one-of-a-kind pantry custom doors. Combine patterned fabric with carefully chosen paint, then top it off with antique glass door handles for a masterpiece that would stop Van Gogh in his tracks.

The Guardian
It's a personality that is practical and organized, disinterested in theory unless it has a real world application. And what could be more practical than a door that does double duty as a wall? Sliding barn custom doors are ideally suited for a small space where they separate two rooms, and the rollers underneath make them easy to maneuver.

The Performer
They love new experiences and live for the moment, so it's little wonder that they tend to be the center of attention when socializing. Since they dare to be different, they might want to experiment with Asian-inspired sliding custom doors. Inspired by shoji screens, they blend nicely with modern cabinetry thanks to their window-like wooden panes.

For a more modern approach that is equally eye catching, they might opt for pivoting glass custom doors. Constructed of sandblasted glass, they shut flush to the wall with no framing, molding or jamb. Sporting a sleek, modern design, they appear to almost float in place, a look that is bound to keep your guest's attention where it belongs: On you.

So maybe you identify with one of these personality types, or perhaps you're a blend of two or three. But as another way of narrowing your search for custom doors, asking, "what's your type?" can be a good place to start. If you were planning to use it as a pick-up line, however, you'd be wise to stand back from that door. It's about to get slammed in your face.

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