Tips for Buying Used Heavy Trucks at Auction

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Published: 20th July 2012
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Whether you just need one or you need an entire fleet of used heavy trucks, an auction is a great place to start your search. You can get an amazing deal on your purchase here. However, you should be aware that you also might have to make some sacrifices. Often at auctions, you will have to evaluate the trucks by sight alone, which can be dangerous, but that’s why they are so affordable. So, the very thing that makes it risky also makes it rewarding. That’s the draw, but you’ll need more than just luck to find the right vehicles and walk away with the used heavy trucks you need at the right price. Here are some tips to help you navigate through the auction process.

Find out about auctions well in advance of the auction date
Most auctions are announced in the newspaper, so if you’re in the market for used heavy trucks, it’s time to get in the habit of reading scanning the right sections – most likely the “Announcements” section. You may also be able to find out about local auctions by calling the town supervisor’s office. If there’s a number for the auctioneers, call to find out if you can get a list of the vehicles being auctioned. If there aren’t any used heavy trucks on the list, a trip to that particular auction would just be a waste of time.

Take advantage of inspection day
Before most auctions, there is an inspection day. This is a day where you can go and get a close and personal look at the used heavy trucks that you’ll be bidding on later. There’s a chance that you may even be able to perform a test drive or two. If not, you can look under the hood and kick the tires, which is more than you’ll be able to do on the day of the auction. If you don’t have a list of the model names and years of the vehicles, make one now.

Research, research, research
With your list of vehicles in hand, hit the computer to find out how much they’re really worth. Keep in mind that if you didn’t have a mechanic inspect them, you should expect that they are in the worst possible condition. This probably isn’t the case, but you have to be prepared in the event that you’re bidding on a clunker (or a fleet of clunkers). The end goal is to walk away knowing that you’ve made a good deal, not feeling like you’ve been ripped off. Actually, at an auction, if you do get ripped off, you have no one to blame but yourself because you’re determining the price! So go in with a “high” price in mind, that is, the maximum amount you’re willing to pay for the used heavy trucks, and stick to it. If the bidding goes higher than you were willing to pay when you were level-headed and not pumped full of auction adrenaline, it’s time to bow out.

Auctions are invaluable resources for those looking to buy used heavy trucks, but it’s important that you know about them in advance and are prepared. Otherwise, it’s too easy to get caught up in the moment and end up making a bad decision. Don’t let anyone sway your decision on what the used heavy trucks are actually worth. Instead, arrive with that value already set in your mind, stick to your guns, and the process will be a much more enjoyable one.

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