Unforgettable foyers and Custom Wood Doors

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Published: 24th November 2014
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Canadians have a reputation for hospitality and hosting. This includes everything from fancy dinner parties, to casual soirées, to having a few glasses of wine or beer after work. However, no matter what type of entertaining you enjoy, your house says a lot about you to your guests.

This article will be looking at ground-zero of first impressions -- the foyer -- and how yours can embrace new trends to make the right impression on your guests. The foyer is the last bit of home you see when you leave, and the first place you see when you return. In a way, your front door is arguably the most important design choic in your house!

There’s really no substitute for a gorgeous custom wood door, and Canada has plenty of qualified carpenters with years of woodworking experience who can make it happen. We’ll explore a few memorable styles for foyers – including extravagant luxury, inspired artistry, and options for home with limited space. You’ll surely find an approach that suits your home and vision.

Luxury Never Goes Out of Style
There’s something everyone can appreciate about arriving home from a busy day and being welcomed by a comforting room. Luxurious foyers feature soft lighting, welcoming flooring, and a reassuringly solid custom wood door. Indeed, Canadians are famous for working hard – and enjoying the benefits of that effort – and a luxurious foyer fits that approach to a tee.

Therefore, if you’re leaning towards the extravagant approach, consider a door with custom engraving to give it a sense of depth and texture, large rugs that are soft on the feet, a stuffed or padded chair, or a small wooden table. Overhead light fixtures can provide plenty illumination without being blinding, which makes them perfect for luxurious home foyers.

Artistic Options for Risk Takers
If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, then there are several options for foyers that will amaze visitors before they can get through the door! There are many ways to express artistry in your entryway, such as tile patterns, unconventional lighting, custom glass work, impressive archways or custom wood doors. And keep in mind that Western Canada is home to some master craftsman who can make your most ambitious visions come to life, so be assured that virtually nothing is off limits.

Also consider custom glasswork that incorporates elements like frosted patterns on the doorway, or simple stained glass patterns in an archway. If you have tile or wood floors, consider inlays that will capture the attention of visitors -- anything from simple patterns to a family motif can be incorporated into the foyer’s floor. Alternatively if the area is carpeted, consider adding some painted wood furniture for contrast.

Low Space Doesn’t Mean Low Expectations: Get the most from your Custom Wood Doors
Many people have gorgeous homes that simply don’t have the space for a full foyer due to the design or layout. Perhaps your front door opens to a staircase, or your open layout home draws the foyer into the living room. Don’t worry: you can still create a memorable entry way!

One of the most effective approaches is to emphasize the entry way with custom wood doors. Popular design choices include using wrought iron, elaborate wood engravings, or textured custom glass work. Additionally, consider adding windows around your front door to let in more light. You can also add a small, attractive rug to add a bit of distinction to the area, and a small side table for your mail and keys.

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